Hotel de Notre Dame, Paris, France. Area information. Save up to 29% by booking online!
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Hotel de Notre Dame
Hotel de Notre Dame
Address : 19 Rue Maitre Albert, Paris, France
Save up to 29% by booking online!
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Area information
Area information
Area information

- Paris is a really easy city to navigate by foot, with a being fairly compact centre.
- Walking is also a quicker alternative to metro when you are travelling short distances, especially if you need to make changes.

- Paris's Metro system is renowned for its ease of use and reliability.
- The Metro runs from 05:30-00:30.
- Free metro maps are available from stations and there are plenty of maps en-route to assist you in your journey.

Using the Metro:
- Locate the station nearest to the place you want to go.
- Trace the line in the direction that you wish to travel to give you the terminus station. You will also need to know the line number.
- Follow signs through the station and locate the platform relevant to the direction you wish to travel.
Remember to keep your ticket handy as you will need it in order to get through the turnstiles.
- The train will have the name of the terminus station and the number of the line.

- Buses are most useful for travelling over short distances (instead of the Metro).
- Buses are the only method of public transportation when there are no more Metro and RER at night.
This service is called Noctilien and operates between 00:30 and 05:30 to numerous points across the city.
- Tickets must be validated upon boarding the bus (passes must be shown to the driver).
- You will need to signal to the driver to stop.

There are also numerous bus tours available.
- The Balobus is operated by RATP, Paris's official transport provider, and operates from April to September.
It works in the same way as normal buses (marked Bb) and stops at major tourist sites from Gare de Lyon and La Defense.
- The Batobus is a unique tour which stops at 8 major tourist attractions on the Seine.
Prices start from 11.00e (Child 5.00euros) for a 1 day pass.
- L'OpenTour operates their open top yellow and green buses all year round.
There are 4 routes which take in most of the major tourist sites and attractions.
An Adult ticket costs 25.00euros for 1 day (Child 4-11 12.00euros).

Paris's transport system operates on a zone system:
-1 to 2 Paris and immediate surroundings
- 3 to 5 Paris suburbs
- 6 to 8 Paris outer suburbs
- Most Metro stops are located in zones 1 and 2 and a ticket for this area should cover most of the tourist's needs.

- Tickets are valid for the Metro, RER and buses (excluding Noctilien and airport transfers) within Paris and its immediate surroundings.
- Tickets can be purchased from counters or machines in the Metro/RER stations and some newsagents/tobacco stores displaying the RATP sign.

Ticket options:
- Tickets can be purchased individually costing 1.40euro per ticket.
- These are valid for one journey (it is worth noting that if you have to exit the station to change lines then this will use 2 tickets).
- A carnet of 10 tickets costs 10.70euros (child aged 4-11 5.35euros).
- Mobilis ticket is a 1 day pass and prices start from 5.40euros for zones 1 and 2.
- Paris Visite is a travel card which is valid from 1 to 5 days and is available for a range of zones.
A 1 day adult ticket for zones 1 to 3 costs 8.35euros (child 4.55euros), while a 5 day adult ticket costs 26.65euros (child 13.70euros). Remember to write your name on the card, and also the coupon number and expiration date.

- The official taxi firm is Taxi Parisien.
- Available cabs (indicated by the lit light on the roof) can be hailed from the street, although it is much more reliable to wait at one of the many ranks across the city.
- Fares are normally fairly reasonable, although extra charges will be added for journeys between 19:00 and 07:00, from airports and train stations and per item of luggage.
- If you call for a taxi, the meter starts from the

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